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Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Grant


In 2010 The Argo Fire Department applied for a Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment and Retention Grant through the SAFER Grant Program. This grant was approved in April of 2011 for the amount of $267,621.00 spread out over three years.

This grants purpose is to recruit and retain active volunteer firefighters. The grant includes Accidental insurance policies and up to $12,000.00 college tuition for the volunteer fire fighters. The grant covers all marketing costs including the website you are currently reading. The grant also covers the expenses of a grant coordinator.


In July of 2011 the Argo Fire Department hired Andy Griffith for the position of grant coordinator. Andy has had his hands full since the day he was hired and has managed this big task with the assistance of the rest of the staff here at Argo with proficiency.

This grant has already shown success. We have already recruited 6 volunteer Firefighters. Some of these firefighters are already trained and the rest are currently enrolled in EMS or Fire schools. Three more volunteer fire fighter positions are still open. If you feel that you would be interested contact Andy Griffith at 205-352-2109 for more information.

The SAFER Grant Program is administered through FEMA and The Department of Home Land Security.

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