100 Blackjack Rd. Argo, AL 35173

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Grant


In 2010 The Argo Fire Department applied for a Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment and Retention Grant through the SAFER Grant Program. This grant was approved in April of 2011 for the amount of $267,621.00 spread out over three years.

This grants purpose is to recruit and retain active volunteer firefighters. The grant includes Accidental insurance policies and up to $12,000.00 college tuition for the volunteer fire fighters. The grant covers all marketing costs including the website you are currently reading. The grant also covers the expenses of a grant coordinator.




 We are currently recruiting volunteer Firefighters and EMT's. In addition to a chance at a rewarding career, through SAFER grant funding there will be additional benefits offered to Active Volunteers. We also offer:


    • Sense of pride by giving back your community
    • Learning new skills
    • Beginning a career in the fire service or EMS
    • On and off the job accident insurance
    • Paid tuition for education
    • Potential for part time or full time job
    • Becoming part of a brotherhood of firefighters


  • Phone: (205)352-2109
  • E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Come by Station #1 at 100 Blackjack Road, Trussville Al. 35173


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