100 Blackjack Rd. Argo, AL 35173

History and Location


The Argo Fire department was started in 1987 when a group of local leaders came together and provided a solution to the need of fire protection to the rapidly growing unincorporated area between Trussville and Springville. At first the fire department was a completely volunteer department, and relied on the selfless acts of the members to respond to emergency calls in the area. These members gave up countless hours of their lives to make sure that the people who lived in the area had fire protection, and emergency medical service. One of the first orders of business for the newly formed fire department was finding and purchasing a fire engine. Through a massive fundraising effort a used 1967 Seagrave pumper was purchased, and became the department’s first vehicle. Now a station was needed, so through a lot of hard work the volunteers were able to secure a building near the area where the drive in is now located to use as a temporary station. Over the next few years the fire department quickly grew in size and helped spearhead an effort to incorporate the area of Argo into the Town of Argo. The fire department continued to grow and was funded by holding several fundraisers, including Barbeques, Pancake Breakfasts,   In 1998 under fire chief John Songer Argo Fire Dept hired it’s first employee, a part-time firefighter, and soon after that 2 additional part-time firefighters were hired, so that one firefighter would be on duty Monday through Friday, from 8am-4pm. With the growth of the town and through various grants manpower was slowly increased to help with the volunteers. Currently Argo Fire Department is staffed with a minimum of 2 certified firefighters each day and is able to provide fire service and Advanced Life Support medical service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.



Monday, 21 January 2019

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