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Hose Grant

 Argo Hose Grant Award



In 2011 the Argo Fire Department applied for a Fire Hose and Nozzle Grant through the Assistance to Fire Fighters Grant Program. This grant was approved on February 3, 2012 for the amount of $54,959.00 to purchase new fire hose and nozzles for our department.

The new fire hose and nozzles was purchased through the bid process and received in April of 2012. The new hoses and nozzles replaced all the old hoses and nozzles that were in excess of 10 years old.

Now are fighters can do their job safely and more efficiently with the new hoses and nozzles by allowing them to work with a secure water source and apply the water where it is needed properly. While it’s not quite as simple as putting the wet stuff on the hot stuff, this equipment combined with training and tactics will allow us to do just that.


The Assistance to Fire Fighters Grant Program is administered through FEMA and The Department of Home Land Security.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

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