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Gear Grant Awarded


 In 2010 the Argo Fire Department applied for a turnout gear grant through the assistance to fire fighters grant program. This grant was approved in March of 2011 for the amount of $76,432.00 to purchase personnel protective gear.

The gear was purchased through the bid process and received in August of 2011. The new turnout gear replaced our old and worn out gear. Now our fire fighters are protected with the new NFPA compliant turnout gear.


Personnel protective gear is the first line of defense for our fire fighters. This gear will protect our fire fighters from heat and other atmospheric dangers while they protect our community. Fire Fighters cannot do their job unless fire fighters can properly protect them selves first.

The personnel protective equipment is used in the core of everything we do, allowing our fire fighters to train aggressively and fight fire aggressively, allowing more lives and property to be saved.

The Assistance to Fire Fighters Grant Program is administered through FEMA and The Department of Home Land Security.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

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